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graphDetICS Lab Stone

This product is a high-strength gypsum that can resist chipping. It mixes to a very creamy consistency and has excellent stacking characteristics. The surface finish is very smooth and will reproduce very fine and intricate details.

  • Water to powder ratio: 29-30 parts water to 100 parts powder
  • Set expansion at 30:100 less than 0.10%
  • Minimum working time 8 minutes
  • Compressive strength more than 8500 lbs per square inch

  • Add 29 to 30 milliliters of de-ionized water to 100 grams of ICS DENTAL STONE and soak for 30 seconds, then mix for 60 seconds.

ICS LAB STONE is packaged in 50 lb. boxes or 25 lb. drums.

*ICS can blend custom colored stones for orders of 2000 bs or more. Contact ICS for availability of custom orders.